Quick Summary

 Quick Summary of the issues and what's on this site:

Original Complaint Filed January, 2001 - still under investigation
Terrible Road Runner performance in Hawaii for extended periods of times. An acknowledged shortage of bandwidth. Heavy advertising and new customer sign-up throughout the period when more capacity was needed. Complaining to Oceanic is fruitless. Remedy: Complain to State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) Office of Consumer Protection (OCP). If what was advertised was superior to the performance you actually were delivered, Oceanic is guilty of illegal deceptive advertising. The OCP has power to stop deceptive advertising, and order consumer redress/refunds.

Why you should complain: In it's response to OCP, Oceanic says that it thinks the vast majority of its customers were satisfied.

The description of the complaint  includes links to filings, the FTC, State of Hawaii and more.

Second Complaint Filed November, 2001 - new
This complaint alleges that Oceanic and its affiliates Sun Cablevision and Hawaiian Cablevision have and continue to illegally bill customers for State Cable Franchise Fees on Road Runner charges. The complaint also alleges that Hawaii General Excise Tax (GET) is being illegally charged on Road Runner service. The complaint seeks a refund of both these charges.

Franchise Fees - Update April 2002

Just for Laughs
You can't always be serious. Letter to Noderunner customers. Any similarity to the real world is unintentional and disavowed.


COMPLAINT - Main Page (Filed January 17, 2001)
    Time Warner/Oceanic Response to Complaint July 20, 2001
        My response July 25, 2001
            Oceanic's Response July 30, 2001
                My response August 13, 2001
    Letter to OCP November 15, 2001
    Additional False Advertising November 16, 2001
    Additional links to OCP complaint form & other resources on Main Page.


Main Page - Summary and e-mail requesting refund for GET and Franchise Fees.
    Oceanic Response to Refund Request and Request for additional information
    Complaint sent to OCP November 19, 2001
    Franchise Fees - Stopped for Road Runner, but, for cable service, not applied properly.