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August 18, 2018

This site is going to be refreshed - it's been static since 2004 - that's fourteen years!!!

It was originally about the false advertising around the turn of the century for Hawaii's cable-monopoly provision of "high speed" Internet service.

The company, Oceanic Time Warner isn't even under same ownership - now it's Spectrum.

So, Fixrr.com as it used to be is going away - and we'll see what's next.

(Or, if you'd like to buy this easy-to-remember domain FIXRR.com, just use the feedback form and contact me.)

As of 18 Aug 18, all my website domains have been moved to a new host - at least the 4th hosting provider since I started my internet presence in the last century over 20 years ago. Now, hosting is through the Canadian company 1&1, and if you are looking to have a website, or if you have one and the provider isn't giving you the service you'd like, I recommend you check out 1&1 Internet!



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