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Actual Complaint Letter

The following letter was written by an Oahu subscriber and sent to the Investigator. You can use it to help compose a letter that has more than the basic sample.


                                                                             (XYZ)  Way                                                                                                                   Waipahu,  HI  96797

                                                                             (808) 999-9999

                                                                                                August 2, 2001

Gene Murayama, Investigator
State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
345 Kekuanaoa Street #12
Hilo, HI 96720


RE: Oceanic Cablevision, Inc./Sun Cablevision - Case No. 2001-0403

 Dear Mr. Murayama:

 I am a Road Runner subscriber on Oahu and was one of the first to sign up for the service on August 12, 1997.  In about April of 2001, transmission speeds improved but, prior to that, the speeds were inconsistent.  I had attended the Road Runner grand opening at a computer show at the Blaisdell and heard the president of Oceanic say that they will have speeds 100 times faster than a dial-up modem.  Several times since then, and for many months at a time, the Road Runner speeds were nearly as slow as that of a dial-up modem.  I verified this hundreds of times by using the Broadband Speed Test at MSN Central.  Very rarely, even when it was working at its fastest, did RoadRunner provide ten times the speed of a dial-up.  I learned early on that it was useless to complain to Oceanic.  They were the only broadband connection in town so I did not give up the service.  During those periods of very slow service I read the postings in the Hawaii Road Runner news groups on the usenet and found many others individuals there with the same complaints. 

 I am requesting that I be made a party to the above referenced case brought by Mr. Richard Gamberg.  His postings in the news groups proved to me that he knows a lot more than I do about its technical aspects.  I have read the complaint and the edited response.  I wish to join the case primarily to help dispel the myth promulgated in their response that:  "...the vast majority of TWE'S Road Runner subscribers in Hawaii, and the Big Island in particular, are very satisfied with the Road Runner service.  What was especially galling was watching their TV ads offering substantial discounts to new subscribers during the times of the very slow service that was caused by having too many subscribers already.

You may contact me at any time at the above phone number.  Thank you.


(Name withheld)